Water source / Application

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  • Workshop water
  • Vehicle wash water
  • Wash water from aircraft wash
  • Fire fighting water




Treatment of rainwater and surface water by

AWAS Galaxie 2002 Oil separator

Treatment of process, workshop and wash water by

AWAS HI 1999 Oil separator
AWAS ADF-B/I Emulsion splitting and flotation plant

Typical references

  • Airport Leipzig/Halle, Germany
  • Munich Airport, Germany 
  • Sundsvall Airport, Sweden
  • Athens Airport, Greece
  • Airport Kallinge, Sweden
  • Airport Gardermoen / Norway
  • Workshop and aircraft wash water
  • Workshop water, aircraft wash water and fire fighting training water
  • Fire fighting training water
  • Rainwater, surface water
  • Truck wash water, aircraft turbine wash
  • Workshop water


More references on request.