Metal recycling

Water source / Application

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  • Rain / surface water from
    - scrap metal storage
    - swarf storage
    - metal swarf / rests with emulsion
    - scrap yards
  • Process water
  • Metal melting


AWAS ADF flotation plant (DAF)

AWAS Galaxie oil-water Vortex separator



Our treatment solutions for waste waters from scrap yards
feature the following AWAS specific advantages:

  • non clogging treatment systems
  • low maintenance
  • low operation costs
  • reliable treatment
  • requirements of the local authority are met

Treatment of rainwater with free oil by

AWAS Galaxie 1902/2002 Oil-water Vortex separator

Additional treatment of rain- and process water
with emulsions and/or heavy metals

AWAS ADF-I / CH Emulsion splitting and flotation plant (DAF)


References on request.