Water source / Application

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  • Wash water from military vehicle
  • Wash water from engine cleaning
  • Parts cleaning
  • De-waxing
  • Workshop water



Treatment of waste water by

AWAS Galaxie 2002 Oil separator
AWAS RC RC pre-treatment system
AWAS BWA Bandfilter for particle removal
Final treatment  
AWAS Biolife-Round biological treatment plant with UV-A lamp or
AWAS ADF-B Emulsion splitting and flotation plant
Optional equipment  
AWAS Legioex high pressure cleaners
(more information on request)
All systems are designed for recycling to 100%.

Typical references

  • German Army / 19 military Barracks
  • Royal British Army / Javelin, Elmpt, Germany
  • Swedish Airforce / Airport Ronneby
  • 100% wash water recycling
  • 100% wash water recycling
  • Vehicle / aircraft wash water


More references on request.