Vehicle wash

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Water source / Application

  • Vehicle wash water
  • HP-Cleaners
  • Wash halls
  • Portal wash
  • Wash tunnels

Typical water pollutants

  • Oil
  • Particles
  • Sludge
  • Detergents
  • Wax



Treatment of waste water by


AWAS Galaxie 2002 Oil separator
AWAS RC RC Pre-treatment system
Final treatment  
AWAS ADF-B Emulsion splitting and flotation plant or
AWAS Biolife-Round Biological treatment plant with UV-lamp or
AWAS Bioair Biological treatment plant with intensive aeration
All systems are designed for recycling to 100%.

Typical references

  • OVF Nuremberg, 8 servicestations, Germany
  • Ettenhuber Glonn, Germany
  • Austrian Police Linz, Austria
  • Bus wash halls
  • Bus wash halls
  • Car wash hall


More references on request.