AWAS Aeros

Supplementary water aeration/flotation system

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Application Improves existing wash water treatment
facilities from:
  • Car/bus/truck wash
  • Portal wash and wash tunnels
  • Hose wash
Function By flotation pollutants are kept on the surface of an existing underground buffer tank, or removed in a filter system above ground.
Pollutants are constantly taken out of the wash water.
The clean water phase is recycled.
Standard flows 4.000 - 10.000 l/h adaptable to existing water flows
Aeros Aeros


Designed for later installation of vehicle wash facilities to improve the water quality and optimize the existing water treatment system.


  • Reduces chemicals for cleaning the sand filter
  • Lowers maintenance of older recycling plants
  • Avoids bad smell
  • Improves wash effect of the wash machine
  • Adaptable to all treatment systems
  • Lowers operation costs