AWAS Bio-Reactors

Biological treatment system

Application Treatment of highly polluted waste water
  • Oil-recycling companies
  • Oil refineries
  • Die casting companies
  • Foodstuff industry
  • Special applications
Please contact us for consultancy of your application.
Function Reduction of COD / BOD
Flow On request
Bioair Bioair


Application tailored biological solution for industrial effluents. The system is a loop reactor with or without filmbed, with a patented aerating system. Inside the reactor there are no devices which need to be serviced or replaced.

Works as an individual plant or in connection with AWAS emulsion splitting and flotation plants, UF plants or distillation plants.


  • Waste water analyses
  • Individual selection of bacteria
  • Application tailored solution
  • Low operation costs
  • Low service requirements
  • Meets requirements for discharge to sewer or direct discharge
  • Automatic injection of oxygen and nutriants based on COD
  • Air enrichment takes place outside of the reactor
  • No devices inside of the reactor which need service