AWAS Galaxie Tower 2002

Oil-water Vortex separator

More Information

Vortex separator tower
  • Industrial applications general
  • Mineral oil industry / refineries
  • Large tank areas
  • Bilge-/ ballast water treatment
  • Metal industry
  • Oil-water separation
  • Sludge and particle separation
Nominal flow rates

30 - 80 l/sec
(bigger flows on request)


The AWAS Galaxie Tower separates oil and sludge at the same time.
Surface oil will be collected via a patented removal system in an oil tank.
Sludge and particles will quickly settle at the bottom, from where they can easily be disposed.


  • Low service and maintenance costs
  • 99% separation performance for free oils
  • Self cleaning Vortex coalescence device
  • Nearly water-free oil collecting system
  • No corrugated plates, no filter cassettes
  • Automatic sludge disposal into a container
  • Non emulsifying process
  • No spare parts needed
  • No clogging, no bacteria growth