Oil-water Separators

  • Coalescence separators acc. to EN 858 / DIN 1999-100
  • By-pass separators

Emulsion Splitting and Flotation Plants

  • Emulsion splitting and flotation plants
    Treatment of industrial process water / wash water / water recycling
  • Chemical physical treatment plants / batch system
    Treatment of industrial process and workshop water

Ultrafiltration Plants

  • MF/UF filtration plants
  • Water recycling
    Treatment of industrial process water and coolants

Biological Treatment

  • Bio reactors
  • Tailor made treatment solutions
    Treatment of heavily polluted waste water, COD/BOD reduction

Wash Water Recycling

  • 100% Water recycling for vehicle wash
  • Chemical/physical, mechanical and biological recycling systems

Sludge Treatment

  • Sludge dewatering